Our Select Framed Jerseys

To heighten the appeal of a framed Jersey of any kind,
we offer two different styles – Stadium and Museum
Quality framing.  Adding to the appearance, we utilize
laser cut logo’s as well as double matted, floating glossy
photographs of the player themselves.

Framed Jersey Styles – Measures 34”x42” (Vertically) /
42”x34” (Horizontally)
Stadium Framing
Stadium Framing includes four (4) photos of the player
(2-5x7’s, 2-8x10’s), Laser Cut Logo and Executive Matted interior
Museum Quality Framing
Museum Framing gives the floating appearance of the jersey, logo and
photo’s. This frame style includes two (2) floating double matt framed
glossy 8x10’s and a Laser cut, floating logo.
We invite you to visit our exclusive sections
showcasing our individual product lines. If you
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